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Fast and effective coffee system

Jacobs Professional

Jacobs Professional Fast and effective coffee system

Coffee solution for the major events


Coffee and specialities quickly

Coffee as self-service or served e.g. for meetings and lunches.

Major events

Up to 700 cups coffee per hour

Serve coffee quickly in large meetings and at sports and cultural events.

Outdoor events

Serve coffee without waste

No drainage and no wet coffee waste - serve coffee outside e.g. in cultural and sports events.


Coffee solutions for demanding conditions

On ships and other closed environments, the advantages of Cafitesse's zero waste are highlighted.

Jacobs Cafitesse is a responsible and biosafe coffee concept

Biosafe coffee solution

A closed production process, hermetically sealed, hygienic packaging and innovative Cafitesse equipment ensure safe coffee serving.

Reduce wastage

Up to 30% of regular filter coffee goes down the drain. Cafitesse coffee is prepared quickly, fresh coffee is always available. There is no wastage, because there is no need to throw away the expired coffee.

No coffee waste or filter bags

When filtering regular coffee, one kilo of dry coffee produces approx. 3 kilos of wet coffee waste. Cafitesse does not generate any wet coffee waste at all.

Responsible choice

Cafitesse coffee is grown responsibly on UTZ-certified farms. The entire production chain has invested in nature-saving solutions, e.g. the beans are roasted with green energy.

Jacobs Cafitesse -concept:
Coffee machines, coffees and accessories

The Jacobs Cafitesse concept includes modern, energy-saving coffee-making equipment, good-tasting responsibly produced coffee, and accessories for creating successful coffee serving.

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Jacobs Cafitesse Professional Coffee Solution - Novacafi Oy
Jacobs Cafitesse Professional in Finland

Our primary product is the world-wide Cafitesse liquid coffee system. It is a superior professional coffee solution, if one needs to provide high quality filter coffee fast and in large volume. The Jacobs coffees are offered in several blends, UTZ-certified and ecological. Combined with totally recyclable packaging and no wastage, Cafitesse is the environmentally responsible coffee solution.

Jacobs Cafitesse is the preferred coffee solution for the major outdoor events in Finland, but we also cater for offices, bars and restaurants.

Cafitesse coffee is in nation-wide professional distribution in Finland since 1987. Novacafi is a Finnish family business, representing Jacobs Douwe Egberts, a major coffee roaster in the world.

We help you to solve your coffee problems

Take advantage of our individual service, where we listen to your needs, tailor a solution and make the installation, train you to utilize it, service it and provide the supply of coffee.

Please contact us

We speak English and can also make your coffee solution to do so.
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